Abhishek Bisht

Abhishek is a Black Belt 5th Dan in Karate and known as one of the best fighters in India, he’s an even more passionate coach and has produced multiple international champions. With a coaching experience of 14 years, he is a much sought after instructor by top athletes and police forces across India.


  • 5 Times National Karate Champion
  • Commonwealth Karate Medalist, Australia
  • Affiliated with Karate Association of India (KAI)
  • Shortlisted to represent India in Asian Games


  • Certified MMA Coach and Referee, by Marc Goddard - UFC Head Referee
  • Affiliated with All India Mixed Martial Arts Association (AIMMA)
  • Coach of Several Pro-MMA Champions in top leagues like SFL and MFN


  • Affiliated with United World Wrestling (UVW)
  • Affiliated with Grappling Federation of India (GFI)

Other Achievements

  • Shortlisted to represent India in Asian Games for Pencak Silat
  • Winner of Several Championships across Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Wushu, Pencak Silat and MMA
  •  Affiliated with Ju-Jitsu Association of India (JJAI)
  • Affiliated with Indian Pencak Silat Federation