Karate literally means "Empty-Hand" and it makes one self-sufficient to defend oneself and family if the need arises. Having said the real goal of Karate is to develop individuals as better human beings with the life-long practice of the art of Karate.

At MMA Fitzone, we practice the flexible art of Sanshinkan Shitoryu Karate which includes both close combat, distance combat, locks and throws, our Karate practice originates from the global lineage of Sanshinkan, started by Soke Tamas Weber and introduced in India by Shihan Yashpal Singh Kalsi.

MMA Fitzone has been a regular participant at the national and international Karate championships organized by the Karate Association of India (KAI) and the World Karate Federation (WKF) respectively, our students and instructors have won several accolades and medals in the best competitions like National Championships, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and World Championships.

Join Sanshinkan MMA FitZone to experience the best Karate Training in Delhi.